Eps3.2_1egacy.so, a flashback episode

This is my first recap of Mr Robot episodes. It’s full of spoilers and if you haven’t watched it yet, DO NO READ IT!

First of all I loved the Shining style opening credits. The “Eps3.2_1egacy.so” is a flashback episode dedicated to one character: Tyrell Wellick. It answers to many questions like : What happened to Tyrell the night of the 5/9 hack, Why didn’t he contact his wife ? What’s his role in the Dark Army and on the Stage 2? How is he connected to Elliot? The weird relationship between Elliot and Tyrell is the focus of this episode. The flashback begins on the night of the hack as Elliot has just put his plan in motion. While Tyrell is staring at his partner computer, Elliot walks over to the popcorn machine, and we know that the gun is in there. We first assumed that he killed Tyrell but he aims the gun at Tyrell, pulls the trigger and no shot is fired. Tyrell is not scared. He laughs and sees this as divine intervention. Mr Robot gave the gun to Tyrell and told him if Elliot ever wants to stop the stage 2, he should shoot him. Irving and the Dark Army shows up with questions for Tyrell. Mr. Robot has no clue who he is and he is confused. We’ve gone back in time to see what Tyrell was up to while Elliot spent time in jail. Tyrell undergoes some disturbing questioning at the cabin. We know now that he has some daddy issues and declares his loyalty to Elliot.

Tyrell Tyrell grows his beard

He spends some months in the woods, alone and grows his beard. He chops wood, continually checks up on the news about Joanna , and even has access to a baby cam that allows him to watch his child sleep… The news that Joanna has a new man on her side make him feel nervous. He goes outside. He is spotted by a cop and he is captured by him. The cop plans to transfer him to FBI , but Agent Santiago kills him and takes Tyrell back to the cabin. It confirms that Santiago was working all this time for the Dark Army as we all suspected. When Tyrell and Elliot finally meet back up at the Cab, Elliot has absolutely no idea why is he there. They went to the warehouse and we know the end. Tyrell is feeling guilty for shooting him. He is panicked while Elliot is operated on in the warehouse. On the other side Angela, looks so calm and cold. Tyrell is more emotional about Elliot getting shot than Angela. She tells Tyrell that sometimes Elliot is another person. Nothing is ever as it seems. Tyrell’s world is shaken and his perception suddenly changed. Ideas of perception dominate the episode.

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