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Ready for Nextcloud hackweek

After attending the Nextcloud Conference 2017 and helping out at the Fosdem 2018 Nextcloud booth, I look forward to joining the other Nextclouders again, this time for a hackweek. I’m always up for some hacking.

nextcloud choco Fosdem 2018

Nextcloud contributors from all over the world will gather in Stuttgart for a hackweek from the 9th of April to the 13th of April. During Nextcloud hackweeks, nextclouders focus on coding: going through issues, discussing and fixing them, and so on.

Jona Azizaj and I were Rails Girls Summer of Code students working on Nextcloud during the summer 2017. RGSoC is a dedicated scholarship program that aims to foster diversity in Open Source since 2013. This scholarship offered us a great opportunity to shape and develop our programming skills more.

image Team Codeaholics at Nextcloud Conference. (Photo: Christoph Wurst, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.)

Nextcloud will be one of the RGSoC projects again this year and I am delighted to see there are so many applications submitted to this project. I’m looking forward to the Hackweek, especially because I will meet Jessica and Arati, the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2018 students, and I will share my experience from last year with them, but also work together to fix some issues. I’m planning to contribute again to Contacts App as I know it better than the other applications, Gallery App because it has some good starter issues and I would like to challenge myself a bit with also working on the Full-Text Search.

#HappyHacking :blush: