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InfoSec student, Software Developer at phpList, Nextcloud contributor, Open Labs Hackerspace member, RGSoC alumna. :lock: :computer: :blush:

  1. DOKU.TECH and the young spirit of Prishtina

    DOKU.TECH is an annual conference in Kosova and one of the leading tech events in the Balkans that is devoted to idea sharing, igniting discussions, interactive workshops, DIY sessions, fun-filled days and musical evenings. During the past four editions, DOKU.TECH has welcomed over 5,000 attendees who came from the Balkans, Europe, and United States. This year’s DOKU.TECH motto was: “One person’s craziness, is another one’s reality.” …

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  2. Starting my journey as a Pragmatic Programmer

    I recently started reading The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, which was published in 1999. The book is well organized in short and self-contained chapters. Each chapter has tips that offer advice on several subjects such as testing, prototyping, debugging, how to communicate effectively, exception handling, best practices and challenges. …

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  3. Back in my days

    Let me tell you a short story. Back in my days, when I was just a young and dumb tech student, I saw an event on facebook about Linux cafe organized by Open Labs. …

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  4. Ready for Nextcloud hackweek

    After attending the Nextcloud Conference 2017 and helping out at the Fosdem 2018 Nextcloud booth, I look forward to joining the other Nextclouders again, this time for a hackweek. I’m always up for some hacking. …

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  5. Learning advanced PHP with phpList and Treehouse

    The transition from being a student to the world of real work can be quite challenging. But if you are just starting out in the tech industry, combining online learning with contributing to Open Source allows you to develop your skills and gain experience in collaborative software development and management. I am a student and Open Source enthusiast who has contributed to several projects in recent years. During the last two months, I have combined online classrooms and workshops with an internship at phpList to develop my skills and practices. This has been my journey. …

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