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InfoSec student, Software Developer at phpList, Nextcloud contributor, Open Labs Hackerspace member, RGSoC alumna. :lock: :computer: :blush:

  1. C-base Hackerspace

    The c-base is the crashed spacestation in the center of Berlin. Nerds, Geeks, SciFi-Fans and digital activists founded the society in 1995. Since that time they reconstruct the space station and use it to share knowledge, interact with other species and provide a space for likeminded groups and individuals. Some people say, that the c-base is “the mother of all hackerspaces”, okay, maybe we will believe that. …

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  2. Oscal 2017

    OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first annual conference in Albania organized to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago. I have attended Oscal conferences since the beginning, except last year and I am very glad that I didn’t miss Oscal 2017. The Conference took place at 13 & 14 May 2017 in Tirana and gathered free libre open source technology users, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open ; that knowledge is a communal property and free and open to everyone. Oscal’s mission is to educate Albanian youth, and not only, on Free and Open Source Software, its ideology and the great community behind it. …

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  3. Why Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever...

    Have you ever done a Zeppathon? When you sit your ass down and listen to all nine Led Zeppelin albums in a row. It takes about 7 hours to do. Every true fan must do it at least once in their lifetime. …

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  4. Who is Xheni?!

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